Improving your facebook profile to find a partner


Facebook photos are almost the most important in this network. It has been shown that users of this social network for more time viewing photos and pictures than reading the news that appear on their wall. You do not have to put photos of well-known actors or beautiful models.

You must upload your photos uncially and in your profile try to upload some where you can see your face well and in different angles. If you can climb one in which you are smiling it would be very good as this helps to break the ice. Also it is advisable that you have other albums where you have photos doing other activities like, with friends, sports, etc.

You must fill in the fields of your interests, the activities that you like, your favorite movies. The kind of music you like and give me I like the pages that really interest you. This way you can see that other people are interested in the same things that you also like and you can send them friend requests.

If you want to find a partner on facebook you need to share status updates that are public for all. In this way what you publish can also be seen by the friends of your friends, or people you do not know yet and this will help make it easier for them to contact you and add you. You should not share with everyone what you are going to do or do. You can use this option to share what you think, something you like about a movie, song lyrics, videos you’ve found on the internet and want to share, brands you like, etc.

Accept new friends. For some a friend request is somewhat shocking if the person who wants to add is not known. Since when you add it you will be giving access to all your private information that you did not make public for everyone. If this is your case you can activate the facebook option called “Subscribe” when doing this and when accepting new contacts you can prevent them from seeing the things that you do not want them to see only see the public ones. The ones you share with your friends and family will continue to be kept private for these new contacts.

Lastly, let me tell you that many facebook applications designed for dating have been created that are aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 30. If you want you can try some of them. However it will always be more feasible to find the pages designed for this purpose.